Oops selfie
howard cosell time travels into the future
When you need sleep but have to stay up to save the world
Red Neck Love Poem
Red Neck Love Poem
A shame Leftist can change and we can't.
Im NOT bossy I have leadership skills LOL
smart ass meme put to good use on Twitter
James Comey - Sorry - I am only a crime monitor
Attention Drug Dealers
Hi I am with United Airlines
Beware of wolves wearing sheeps clothing ie FAKE EWES Charlie Daniel cartoon
Rescue Helicoptor
James Brown and Maxine Waters Share the Same Wig -
best definition of dumbocrats
older than dirt
aisle twelve for cat lovers
Bush at Trump inauguration struggles with rain coat
You can come out now - Obama and Hillary are GONE Wizard of Oz the good witch
Rugby the Blue Russian
Keith Richards survived 2016 Happy New Year
What's your country nickname?
Happy New Year ! 2017 we dodged a bullet - NEVER HILLARY
Grilled Chicken
Obama staff wearing Trump hats MERRY CHRISTMAS
Get my 'what' ready?!
Hurrican Categories Reference Guide
Appalachian Lawnmower
Young Anthony Weiner prancing in swim briefs, panty hose and a bra
LOL DNC blames Russia
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