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Apparently, there’s a Mormon compound, or colony, not far from the crime scene where members of one or another cartel slaughtered nine American Citizens, including six children, on November 4, 2019.  The colony has been there since the late 1800’s, and is comprised of Mormon adherents to polygamy which was outlawed in Utah when that territory achieved statehood.  The Mormon colonists emigrated to Sonora, Mexico, in order to practice their faith unhindered by the codified prejudices of American society.




In recent years, as competition between the various drug cartels intensified, and turf wars arose over access to smuggling routes into the United States, the Mormon colonists became increasingly resistant to the demands placed upon them by the cartels, their rather expansive colony actually sitting astride some of those routes.  Herein may lie the motivation for this massacre, and the likelihood that the caravan of women and children was deliberately targeted by these animals.




This does not sit well with us, and the Mejicanos would do well to read up on a bit of our history, perhaps realizing how long some of us are still holding a grudge about that unpleasantness of the mid-to-late 1860’s.  We soundly kicked their asses at San Jacinto and it seems some of the geniuses in the cartels might be spoiling for a re-match.




As we all know all too well, the United Mexican States is a failed country, though not quite yet on the order of Afghanistan.  The recent massacre of women and children, all American Citizens, however, should provide ample evidence that Mexico is rapidly descending into the abyss of third world hell-holism.  This should even have become obvious to those Democrat-Socialist Members of Congress who have obstructed construction of a border wall and whose  campaign funds have undoubtedly benefited from an inflow of cartel money!




The declination of President Trump’s offer of law enforcement and military assistance to combat the cartels by President Obrador is a genuine disappointment and, if not ultimately accepted, perhaps through those ever-present but rarely-mentioned “back channels,” signals a hardening of relations between the two countries, and raises the possibility that we’re going to have to take care of this situation ourselves, yet again.  Quite obviously, Mexico lacks the political will and stamina to defeat the cartels by itself, so I get the impression that help is on its way, whether the Mexicans want it or not.








Safari Woman
My view for a long time is that we are already at war with Mexican Drug cartels if not also the government who is either in their pocket or the cartels are in the gov pockets - not really sure if I know which is which. We have troops. Maybe it is time to defend our borders - declare war on the Carte...
  • November 8, 2019
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