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“Alexander Vindman is a Purple Heart recipient, and therefore deserves a pass.”  So intoned Geraldo Rivera on Fox News the other night.  I thought   Dan Bongino was going to clean Rivera’s clock right on camera, citing the obscene treatment of Lieutenant General Mike Flynn at the hands of the scumbag lawyers of the Mueller “investigation.”




Bongino, as usual, was right, and I’ll cite my own experience in this regard.




More years ago than I like to admit, I was a detective lieutenant in the busiest suburban prosecutor’s office in the United States.  The deputy chief investigator was a US Army Reserve brigadier general of military police who had earlier received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart in action in Santo Domingo.




The BG’s Bronze Star and Purple Heart notwithstanding, this man was by far the most arrogantly incompetent law enforcement officer I had ever encountered until the appearance of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.  The BG knew little of the law and what he did know was invariably wrong.  As deputy chief investigator, he lacked the competence to investigate himself out of a wet paper bag.  That he didn’t get some of our personnel killed I count as a miracle!




LCOL Vindman is an Obama appointee to the National Security Council and is supposedly an “expert” on Ukraine.  I have my doubts, borne of personal experience.  I’m waiting for answers.  In the meantime, Vindman is just another Swamp-dwelling Never-Trumper as far as I’m concerned.  I trust NO ONE appointed by a POTUS whose own legitimacy will forever be open to question.


You are so very right! What BS! Bottom feeders like Vindeman can cut his finger and claim a Purple Heat! As an incompetent Lt. Col., he was already at the limit of his promotion. What a scumbag!
  • October 31, 2019
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