R. A. Schultz






Madam Speaker:  I can no longer tolerate your hypocrisy, your dissembling, your outright lying, all inspired by your visceral hatred for the people of this country and our Constitutionally-elected President.  You and your party have STOLEN from me, my family, my friends, my country.  You have stolen our right to the peaceful enjoyment of serenity and the feeling of well-being in our land.  You have stolen our peace of mind by threatening the termination of our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights, and in doing so, you have intentionally hobbled our ability to move forward, to improve our lot, to make life better for our families.




On Fox News this morning (October 30, 2019), Fox contributor Dr. Marc Siegel flatly stated that the national turmoil  we are currently experiencing, turmoil that you played a major part in creating, is most assuredly damaging to the physical,  mental, and emotional health of the citizenry.  In continuing on your present course, you are personally risking both civil and legal exposure, not to mention the consequences of civil strife.  Cease and desist while you still can.




Do you seriously think that if you are even marginally successful with your coup that ANY future president will not experience the  same treatment you have initiated against President Trump?  Reflect on that, but act quickly.


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