R. A. Schultz






Yes, I do have several questions for and about Alex Vindman, a US Army Infantry lieutenant colonel purportedly appointed to the National Security Council by Barack Hussein Obama II as an expert on Ukraine.  It is my understanding that he was born in Ukraine, so,


          When did he come to the United States?


          Is he a naturalized US Citizen?


          How did he come to be a lieutenant colonel in the US Army?


          Where, and under what circumstances, did he receive the Purple Heart?


          What qualifies him to be an expert on Ukraine?


          What qualifies him to be a member of the National Security Council?


          When was he appointed to the NSC and by whom?


          Is he registered to vote?  If so, where?  And in what party?


          Is it part of his regular work assignment to listen in to conversations between POTUS and other world leaders?


          To whom did he report his “concerns?”  When?


          What did he find so egregiously wrong in POTUS conversation?




LCOL Vindman, from the statements to the press that I’ve read, seems to have a far higher level of concern for the security of Ukraine than he has for that of the United States.  Can he explain this?




In the meantime, suffice it to say that I have tentatively identified Alex Vindman as a highly partisan Democrat, or at the very least a Never-Trumper, who sincerely believes he is feathering his own partisan nest by adhering to the seditious coup currently being hatched by the domestic enemies of the United States.  I wouldn’t trust this Ukrainian as far as I could throw him.




Time will tell.


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