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Several days ago, I posted the following in FB as well as other venues:




“Gabbard is the ONLY Democrat I WOULDN'T fear becoming POTUS. She represents an almost extinct breed: A Democrat who loves America!”




I was forced to shorten the content from what I had originally intended, in order for the comment to fit the space allocated by FB with a color background.  The original was as follows:




“Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY Democrat-Socialist of the whole lot of them that I WOULDN'T abjectly fear becoming POTUS. Not that I'd vote for her, but she represents an almost extinct breed: A Democrat who loves America!”




Admittedly, the original version conveyed the meaning more accurately,  but the shortened version, I think, got the salient point across adequately.




The shortened post went as viral as anything I’ve posted, both with likes and comments.  Many of the comments were less than complimentary, indicating to me that (a) Some of my fellow Deplorables have just as visceral a reaction to views opposing their own as do the acolytes of The Swamp and, (b) Some of my fellow deplorables have a serious reading comprehension disorder!




Please re-read the shortened version.  Can anyone show me where I said I’d vote for Gabbard?  Can anyone show me where I said I trust her?  Can anyone show me where I said I even LIKE her?




But I was virtually bombarded with comments variously describing Gabbard as (a) A Trojan Horse; (b) An advocate of AntiFa; (c) A peacenik veteran; (d) An anti-Semite; (e) A flaming socialist; (f) Soft on Assad; and (e) “There’s no proof she’s NOT a Russian asset!  You get the picture, I’m sure.  But all I said was that I wouldn’t FEAR her becoming POTUS.  I mean, we survived eight years of the Kenyan, didn’t we?




Safari Woman
I wouldn't have reacted to that - I think I read it correctly and didn't put my own spin on what you said. Maybe because I've had the same things happen to me when shortened posts are misunderstood - heck even adequate posts. It doesn't surprise me but I wish our side was a little less like the enem...
  • October 21, 2019
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