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Willard Romney, the guy who threw the 2012 election to the Kenyan pretender, is now safely ensconced in his new gig as a US Senator from Utah, after four years of wandering in the wilderness, seeking for someone, anyone, to take him in.  Romney is the classic ideologue in search of an ideology, a bureaucrat in search of a bureaucracy, someone who gravitates toward elective government employment as it suits his one-world elitist tendencies and separates him from We the Deplorable Rabble.




Willard has recently criticized President Donald Trump, a man from whom he once (or likely more often) begged for support and money, and once receiving both from Trump, now turns on his former benefactor, even hinting that he’ll vote to remove Trump from office should the phony impeachment matter the Democrat-Socialists are currently playing with, come to a Senate vote.




Willard, for all his years of marinating in the slime of the political Swamp, has apparently lost track of two of the fundamental tenets of American political life:  “What goes around, comes around,”  and “Beware the Doctrine of Unintended Consequences.”  He also apparently thinks that the Republican Party of today is still “his father’s Republican Party,” oblivious of the fact  that the party has experienced what is euphemistically referred to in the business world as a “hostile takeover.”  Today’s Republican Party has been, since 2016, in the hands of the Congressional Freedom Caucus and The Deplorables, two factions representing We the People. 




Willard, should he elect to do the dastardly thing, and assist in removing OUR President from office, will suddenly find a dearth of support and forgiveness, near and far.  It’ll be back to the wilderness for Willard, in short order.


Totally right you are.
  • October 20, 2019
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Safari Woman
I saw a funny headline today and people talking about how Willard had a secret sock puppet account that he was using to go around sticking up for himself on social networks - or maybe it was just twitter not sure because I didn't get to read the article. So lmao - he's such a loser 
  • October 21, 2019
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Saw yesterday that even the people of Utah don't like him any more.
  • October 22, 2019
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