R. A. Schultz






Did anyone else happen to catch Breitbart’s live podcast this afternoon from  in front of the Trump International (Old Post Office)?  The anti-Trump “demonstration” consisted of a group of not more than 50 unpleasant-looking degenerates blowing whistles, beating makeshift drums, shouting stupid platitudes, and holding hastily-made signs, some of which carried obscenities.  The “crowd” began to thin out as the afternoon cooled, the rain started, and a couple of MAGA-hat-wearing guys showed up, shouting “Four more years!” 


I was going to suggest really pissing these maggots off by shouting “Twelve more years,” but chose not to leave warm sunny Florida for the cold Swamp.


          ~ RAS


Lol, they are such losers.
  • October 13, 2019
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