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Willard Romney (RINO-UT), the Establishment shill who threw the 2012 election to the jihadi Kenyan prince, is back as the freshman senator from Utah, no doubt as reinforcements for the Establishment war against We the People and the president We elected in 2016.  This time around, Weird Willard is pretending to know WTF he’s talking about as he talks through his hat criticizing, and trying to undo the tremendous foreign policy strides President Trump has made since the departure of Barack the Bungler.


Since his “loss” to the Kenyan, Willard has even begun to sound like him, mouthing platitudinous cliché, geopolitical mumbo-jumbo, and outright bull$h*t, like:  “As it falls further behind, we must expect Russia’s inevitable desperation to lead to further and more aberrant conduct,” while simultaneously telling us that China has surpassed Russia as our prime adversary.


Let’s see if THIS fits, Mitt:  “As he falls further behind, losing any relevance he once may have had, we must expect Willard’s inevitable desperation to lead to further and more aberrant conduct.”  How the hell the people of Utah got scammed into installing this total phony as their baby senator is beyond explanation, unless, of course, his publicly-hidden position in the Mormon Establishment was coupled with his obvious position in the Republican Establishment to play a role.


Willard undoubtedly would have been immensely pleased to have been appointed to ANY position in the Trump cabinet, and just might have been were it not for his questionable loyalties.  So now we have to deal with yet another jerk in the Senate.


I look forward, hopefully, to much better days ahead.


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