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Karl Rove was at it again this morning, during Fox News’ coverage of President Trump’s visit to the UK.  Aside from his excellent portrayal of a manatee, at which he’s a natural, Rove was tsk-tsking President Trump’s response to Siddiq Khan, the jihadi Mayor of London, who had earlier released an op ed piece to a London newspaper, criticizing Queen Elizabeth’s invitation to President Trump.  Trump, true to form, effectively told the jihadi to STFU and stick to his job, at which he’s obviously not doing all that well. 


We witnessed the results of Rove’s advice during the long years of George W. Bush’s administration, when Bush would “remain above the fray,” and not respond to criticism, regardless of source.  Bush became so adept at ignoring criticism that even the general public began to question his competence.

To my recollection, throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, Rove was at very best a naysayer, and more likely a Never-Trumper.  He was one of those pundits who got it all wrong from the get-go.  Why he’s still employed by Fox is a mystery.  He deserves to be ignored.

Safari Woman
I definitely ignore him on a regular basis. 
  • June 4, 2019
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