Cortez took it off her website now claiming there are lies being told which accounts for its lack of popularity.

HA! Not so fast AOC, your chief of staff uploaded it to NPR and it still remains floating there in the NPR cloud.

I downloaded and am attaching it below in the event it gets covered up there too. 

The best thing about this deal is that it proves something myself and others have been saying for years, that the UN Agenda 21 and since followed by Agenda 2030 are not to be ignored or written off as guidelines. Globalists are dead serious about enforcing the requirements of the agendas internationally through local, state and federal programs. This deal, in all of its horrific vision is supported by the UN agendas. 

THIS IS COMMUNISM, for anyone who isn't lucky enough to have been through an education system that taught you what that means exactly. 

So if you like the sound of being told what to eat, that you can't have a car, or fly, that every single building including your home will have to be outfitted to accommodate these policies, and that you should drink your own urine to save water, then go ahead and support these so called "socialists" which are in reality pushing the same old communist garbage that has been out there since the concept was formulated. Give the government control over your body, mind and spirit, but don't be surprised when I and millions of others resist to death if need be. 

This is not freedom. This is not America. This is not protecting your God given natural born rights. The New Green Deal is taking you over from birth to death. 


(Screenshot of NPR cloud site where it is as of 2/9/19 still uploaded)

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Young, smart-azz commies. These are NOT socialists. They ARE commies.
  • February 10, 2019
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Safari Woman is online.
Yes they are and it won't be long imho before they just come out and admit it. Although socialism sounds so nice to the uneducated and uninformed, while communism still carries a bit of taboo even though I bet most people alive in the USA today couldn't tell you why. Sadly!!! I guess "socialism" is ...
  • February 11, 2019
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