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Having served 24 years of my 28-year law enforcement career as a prosecutor’s investigator, 19 of which as a supervisor, I am well acquainted with the duty of prosecutors to inform counsel for the defense of any and all exculpatory evidence developed, well in advance of commencement of trial.  Thus, I was incensed to learn of the actions of a number of federal prosecutors deliberately withholding such evidence in at least two high profile cases, that of the Enron and Arthur Anderson executives, and that of Senator Paul Stevens (R – AK). 


The American criminal justice system, often described as being adversarial, offers, or at least should offer, basically a search for truth and justice.  Whereas prosecution and defense are seen as opposing sides in any criminal action, the system will ideally produce both truth and justice in the end.  This becomes impossible if one side or the other sees the proceedings in the light of a must win at all cost situation, in the process tipping the scales one way or the other, in the aforementioned cases against the citizen who stands accused.


The unethical, immoral, and indeed criminal actions of these United States Department of Justice United States Attorneys are documented in painstaking detail by former federal prosecutor Sydney Powell in her excellent self-published book, Licensed to Lie,  New York, 2014. 


The actions of the federal prosecutors in the cases she described resulted in the undue incarceration of American citizens who were not guilty as a matter of law, and indeed, several were truly innocent of ANY wrongdoing.  Nonexistent crimes were made up, perjury was suborned, and witnesses were intimidated.  Pertinent information as to the innocence of those accused was deliberately withheld from the defense and was never mentioned during trial.  These cases represented a real travesty within the American justice system, and wrongs that could be corrected only through lengthy and expensive legal proceedings.



Interestingly, frighteningly, principal among prosecutors I would much too politely characterize as rogue, is one Andrew Weissman, who happens to be the Robert Mueller witch hunts lead investigative prosecutor charged with “investigating” Russian “collusion” with the Trump presidential campaign.  Inasmuch as this ethically and morally challenged scheister is still practicing law at all, after transgressions and ethical lapses were brought to light is itself an indictment of the system.  That Mueller chose Weissman and others of similar stripe says much for the integrity of the “investigation.”


Trial lawyers, very much like medical doctors, are loath to turn on their own.  Ethics complaints against Weissman have thus been deliberately mischaracterized, ignored, and rejected.  The bottom line is that he got away with his abysmal misbehavior.  


Andrew Weissman and his crew of angry Democrats are currently in charge of the Witch Hunt to unearth, find, or create crimes committed by the Trump campaign that caused the inept, corrupt, and felonious Hillary campaign to lose the 2016 election.  This, of course, is all BULLSH*T! Weissman is the ultimate scheister and I personally have no doubt that the shenanigans he has engaged in all of his “professional” life are ongoing in his current capacity.





Sister Sarah
Will this ever end?
  • January 12, 2019
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