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Now let me see if I got this straight.  About thirteen or so years ago, highly successful businessman Donald Trump meets a lawyer whom he hires as a low-level “fixer,” to make minor annoyances go away.  Businessman Trump is wealthy beyond comprehension.  He naturally attracts women and MAY have had some, shall we say, dalliances with a few of them.  Out of the blue, now married to a brilliant and totally gorgeous former model, Trump announces a run for the Presidency of the United States of America.


Sensing an opportunity to make some extra money to smooth out her rapidly-apparent aging, a night club stripper hires a scheister lawyer, writes a story, and threatens to reveal a long-ago tryst with the now presidential candidate, clearly an attempt at extortion.  The scheister lawyer then produces another female who invents a similar tryst scenario, and approaches the Trump campaign in a second attempt at extortion.  Trump, mildly annoyed by the natterings of his campaign staff that the bimbo eruptions might negatively affect the campaign, tells his “fixer” attorney, “I  really don’t have time for this $h*t.  Just make it go away.”


The fixer pays a large sum of money out of his own pocket, subject to reimbursement by Trump, to the stripper which she supposedly refuses, choosing instead to have the scheister initiate against Trump what turns out to be a frivolous lawsuit which is promptly dismissed, ultimately resulting in the stripper’s having to pay Trump’s legal fees, upwards of a quarter mil!


The scheister, basking in his few moments of fame, is actually mentioned as a possible opposition  party candidate for president, until cooler heads realize that he’s just another slimy @$$hole, and he promptly fades from view.


Suddenly, a pack of zealous partisan lawyers, all of whom would be considered scheisters were it not the fact that they are in the employ of the Department of Justice, decide that the payment(s) made by the fixer to the alleged trysting bimbos constitute unreported campaign donations.  The fixer, who is not overly bright, gets himself threatened and intimidated into pleading guilty to past misdeeds, and throws in the “campaign finance donations” to ice the cake.  Somehow, it is absurdly implied that Trump himself is now guilty of “instructing” the fixer (who is, after all, a lawyer)  to make illegal campaign finance donations, and may be subject to criminal prosecution once he leaves office.


MY TAKE:  Quite honestly, I believe this whole thing:  The Mueller Witch Hunt and its circus sideshow offshoots, is a large, stinking crock of $h*t, initiated, advanced, and maintained by a Swamp-dwelling cadre of Obamite New World Order socialists who simply can’t stand the fact that Hillary, Princess of Slime and Butchering Bitch of Benghazi lost the 2016 election to US, the Basket of Deplorables, and that their dreams of the ultimate socialist kleptocracy are dashed!

Ahhh, you've nailed it again!
  • December 14, 2018
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Safari Woman is online.
Bravo! And Mueller himself is part of the swamp protecting the queen snake Hildabeast while attempting to frame Trump for what they all know is NOTHING. 
  • December 15, 2018
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