Fake News CNN Brings Todays manufactured crises
What is your childs school really teaching
The Blatant Bias of Time Magazine
Wall Street Journal Headlines to manipulate
Hypocritical perception of media bashing - Obama vs Trump
It is hard to accept truth when the lies are exactly what you want to hear
Fake News Media Using Their Imagination
The State of Free Speech Ben Garrison Cartoon visit his site GrrrGraphics
David Hogg and Adam Lanza look alikes DISTURBED
naval intelligence officer predicted 911 wrote this about false flag shool shootings
I dont watch CNN for the same reason I dont drink out of a toilet
Urinalism - aka FAKE NEWs
mamas dont let your kids grow up to be cnn reporters
Julian Assange on Struggle between humans that control machines and machines that control humans
fake news awards 2018
schools socialism
microsoft the other big brother
Stay distracted or you might get your head cut off
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