Google = Goolag search for diversity of thought somewhere else
Meme sign Apple VS Google Think Differently or Not so Much
You can trust government SEE Vault 7 Wikileaks
Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA Umbrage mimicks attack types to cover it being the source of hacks
Michael Hastings was working on exposing Democrat spying days before he crashed and died
From Wikileaks Vault 7 CIA Mobile Device Branch
Internet Front End Back End
Never underestimate the power of a tweet
Huffington Post promotes an app that splts the bill so white men pay more
Roseanne Barr Followed Me on Twitter
Moron reacting to imply I am a robot LMAO
Equador confirms cutting off Assange internet
Protect the Internet 23034 Freedom Act Oct 1st 2016
Before and After Addictions take hold
Social Media News Facebook Leads the pack You Tube 2nd Twitter 3rd PEW Research
Best PokemonGo story
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