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Is not we the people anymore but Obama's people.He gave an oath to protect the constitutional rights of all americans and now he wants to rewrite it.I guess his dad will get his wish off trashing the american people.He signing a treaty with the UN next year to ban more than likely all guns or certain types of guns.Does this IDIOT know that guns do not kill people but people kill people.Thier goes our 2nd amendment rights to bare arms and protect your home and family.I guess we will be throwing sticks and stones at the bad guys next.We say we are united but I don't see it.Heres an idea how about we divide the country at the mississippi and let the OBAMA lovers go east and the rest of us go west.Texas has the 15th largest economy in the world so we would have a head start allready.He wants to save the world through taxing the american people,how about taking care of the problems here first and get all your handme outs back to work.His election was base on what will he give me.Ican not say what I really want to say or thier will be guys in black suits at my door .So much for freedom of speech.Think I might start flying a flag with a sickle and a hammer on it.

I have family all over this country and I don't see them all migrating to new places but somehow we do have to figure out how to unite. They have divided us conservatives up in small pieces. This won't work. How to come together is the very big question that I have also.

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