March Membership Drive! 50 Points Reward For Using Our System To Invite New Members Who Join
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2013-03-03 Time
Sunday, March 3, 2013 12:01 am - Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:59 pm
United States
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For the month of March!

As you might have noticed, you earn points for your participation on TeamkNetworks.Net. Currently, it may seem to be fairly meaningless to be rewarded points but it is in our plans to make them worth an exchange rate for items of value.

Membership levels about to be introduced may also be rewarded in part or whole according to the points collected by members.

For the month of March we have upped the points rewarded to members who use our built in system to invite their friends or acquaintances who then in turn actually sign up to be members of our site. This month each registration from your invitation using the link here will be worth 50 points. This will not apply to any invitations outside of the use of the system and the points are granted automatically when the person signs up using the same email address that you used to send an invitation from our site.

This feature is not currently highlighted except at the bottom of every page there is a link that says Invite and many people haven't noticed it yet. We are going to make it more prominent but in the mean time you may use THIS LINK which goes to the same place the as the Invite link at the bottom of any page.

The invitation may be sent to one or more of your friends by putting a comma and space between each email address and it will identify you as the sender as well as add the new member immediately to your friend list when they join!

We hope this method will help you to reach out to those you think will also appreciate the site and make your own time spent here more enjoyable. We also hope that by rewarding points it will help you reach qualifications for upgraded memberships soon to be offered as well as we feel people that you have an email address of are more likely to be a friend or acquaintance that you know better than you might know someone from another website by their screen name only. This adds to our goal of having our site grow from the heart of it out. You, and all of our founding members are the heart of TeamNetworks.Net.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say, thanks for being here and for your participation. We only have more good things ahead to make it more worthwhile for all of us. We appreciate your membership and will welcome anyone you invite during this membership drive with the same hospitality that we hope we have offered to you. 

*Please be assured that we do not collect, or store these addresses to be used in any way other than is needed by the system to identify those whom you have invited. Smile

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Janice  Vicks
I have all but completely stopped emailing because every one is on line. But the next time I crank up the old laptop I will dig into my email list to see who I think would enjoy being here. All of my ...
I'll get on it! Most of the people I know are on SH and I'm leaving that bunch up to you!
  • March 3, 2013
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✞★❤Lati Hall❤★✞
All of my friends are on facebook and I don't know if they will like this site because they don't care about politics. They might be into how to achieve their dreams. I look forward to when you get th...
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