I am closing the commerce function of InspirationMotivation.com to build in a different direction.

This means there won't be any more ABC posters for sale there although there will be made ways to possibly get one for a donation or signing up for a class, or through an auction (etc.) in the near future.

BUT in general the storefront will be gone. I still have enough supplies for the next 100+ or so customers - depending on purchases - but long story short - if you want to order anything before this comes to an end let me know the name and item numbers.

FOR Only the people I am hooked up to on here I will give you a personalized discount that can be applied at time of purchase. Or if you just want to help me continue to support myself through my work and not get a coupon that is okay too LOLOL

BUT SERIOUSLY it would be my pleasure to extend a family and friend discount depending on which items you might want. Let me know in a pm here if interested in anything. Praying over whether to close IN TWO DAYS, or extend a month.

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