While volunteering at the polling place this week I witnessed the glaring difference between how the Republican and Democrats acted. Republican signs were routinely defaced and stolen. Democrat signs were largely unmolested. 

What is worse, is what is happening with Democrat led States all across America, States with democratic governors are sending our unsolicited ballots to everyone, dead or alive. Democratic legal teams are filing suite to allow ballots to be counted even if they are received after Election Day. This can only be construed as an attempt to flood the poles with invalid ballots.

Moreover, Republican voters are showing up in polling places only to be told that their vote was already tabulated. They are told that the fraudulent ballot will count and handed a worthless provisional ballot. This is happening primarily in counties with a Democratic Supervisor of Elections. This indicates that voter fraud is happening and that voter ID laws are ignored or circumvented.

It makes you wonder what goes though the mind of someone who would commit voter fraud , and steal and deface campaign signs.  The only logical explanation is that they are compelled by jealousy and greed. People who commit these illegal acts must believe the risk is worth the reward. By their very actions, they are forecasting that their preferred candidate will use their power to give them something they do not deserve.

Voting for a candidate supported by fraud or theft may not be an immoral act but it is a warning sign. You have to ask what has the candidate promised that would prompt the theft and fraud. Ignoring that warning may or may not be immoral but it is definitely irresponsible.


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