Biden is the President? What a Riot That Will Be! Part 1 (The problem)

The only way to prevent violent mobs from coming to your neighborhoods is to reelect President Trump. Not because he's a great guy, but because he will keep you safe. Let me explain.

There was a video from the Moms for safe neighborhoods called "Biden & Harris: You are not safe with them" . The video shows what could  happen if police are defunded and mobs are left to roam your neighborhoods.

Biden will redirect funds from the police and has compromised our security with his corrupt dealings. However, the real danger posed by a President Biden are all the forces that the left has unleashed to get him elected and get rid of Trump

It is hard to explain why Trump was so hated from the beginning. But, the meeting with Obama and Biden to launch the Russian Collusion hoax was in early January 2016, before Trump was inaugurated.

Since then the left  which includes  Democrats , The" mainstream" media , big tech and heavily funded non-profits  have been on a never-ending campaign to accuse, attack, smear, delegitimize,  investigate, and impeach Trump.  

So, you may wonder what does all this have to do with my family's safety. It is because part of the anti-Trump plan was to activate groups like Antifa and BLM to carry out their plans.

Their Indivisibility plan spells out how to activate and radicalize loosely organized groups to oppose the Trump agenda. Furthermore the Transition Integrity project, specifically created for this election, calls for activating "foot soldiers" in a contested election

Antifa is especially dangerous because their handbook says violins against fascist and racist is OK and if you are white, you are a racist and if you disagree with them you're a fascist. They also believe that destruction of property is not violence

The left which have  excused riots, where rioters  burn down business, beat up  and murder people , as "mostly Peaceful" .  Vice Presidential candidate Camilla Harris said the "mostly peaceful protest " they're not going to stop after election day... they're  not going to let up and they should not." Was the threat or a promise?  Harris promoted a fund to bail out rioters and said her administration will Leave no stone unturned to seek vengeance on Trump supporters.

Is it reasonable to believe that a Biden/ Harris administration will keep you safe from the same mobs which they promote and protect? Will the left even try to close the Pandora's box they opened by funding, radicalizing and activating Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM? These groups share the radical idea that our nation is fundamentally flawed and must be torn down. Never mind they have no plan to replace it. They are primarily anarchist after all.

Steve Deace summed this up on his 10/07/2020 show.

There's a lot of people living in suburbs that think if you just get rid of Donald Trump the media won't be as biased the left won't be as radicalized and we will just return to some kind of normal. The exact opposite of that is true

Whatever you incentivize, you always get more of. And the left and its media will be incentivized that insurgency works,

The Democratic Party thought it could, cynically, harness this energy of these leftists in order to use them to obtain political power.

Progressivism is not a political ideology, it is a religion. Such a radicalized religion cannot be contained it can only be defeated or it will sweep across the countryside

If you do not defeat such movements peacefully at the ballot box, rest assured you WILL be forced to confront them elsewhere. Because they don't stop, they don't ever stop, they can't stop on their own

There will be no peace until they are defeated at the ballot box. There will be no peace until they are. A Trump landslide will be that most peaceful in the end. Because the left is after you, Trump is just standing in their way.

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Safari Woman
not for long - it will be president Harris before you know it
  • October 20, 2020
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