Biden or Trump Mob Rule or the Rule of Law

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I recently came across a video from the Moms for safe neighborhoods called across "'Biden & Harris: You are not safe with them". The video started where a moon was watching a story about how President Biden had defunded the police. It then cut to a car surrounded by a mob of black clad, masked, '"quote"  protesters pounding on a car, cut to inside the car you see the  mom & her daughter cringing  in fear as the cars windows were smashed.

That when it became clear our family's safety, depended on Trump being reelected.

Democrats are so infested with Trump derangement syndrome that they empowered and radicalized groups like Antifa and BLM to generate unrest. Their plan was to make Trump seem so unpopular that people would just want him to go away. This was all part of a four year long coup that began before he was inaugurated.

Before you can understand what is happing, and what will happen you first need to know how we got here.

You have to know that 2008 was the last presidential election where we had peaceful transfer of power. When Trump won in 2016, the Democrats, the media and the deep state immediately set out to remove him for office. Even before he was inaugurated plans were put into place to unseat him with impeach him.

The left, including Obama and Biden started using an Obama era plan called the Seven Pillars for a Color Revolution that successfully overturned regimes in countries of Serbia, Georgia, and Ukraine. It appears these same tactics were used domestically to try to remove President Trump from office. Pillar number  two, "to have an unpopular incumbent", may have been the reason behind the Russian collusion hoax the baseless impeachment attempt and the constant rumors and innuendos against Trump, his administration and his family.

Meanwhile, in  2017, the Soros funded group indivisible published  "The Indivisible on Offense: New Congress, New Indivisible Strategy" (Their Playbook ,on  how to thwart Trump and to get him impeached starting with creating groups like ANTIFA in America modeled after the tea party.

In addition, in 2017 Mark Bray published "ANTIFA the Anti-Fascist Handbook", where he called for activist groups that emulated the Tea Party's success. However, the Antifa cell  were much  better funded,  had prepaid legal protection and the belief that destruction of property is not violence and that violence against their ideological opponents. The handbook advocates for violent aggression against free speech advocates to save the world against fascist.

In 2019 A groups called the Transition Integrity Project  (TIP)  published "The preventing-a disrupted-presidential-election-and-transition" document . TIP calls for street soldiers in a contested 2020 elections. The Transition Integrity Project, which purports to be bipartisan, is  reported to be run by individuals linked to leftist mega-donor George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Berggruen Institute.

Now how to stop the coming insurrection.

Trump is way behind in the polls with suburban women. Apparently, a lot of them think Trump is rude, arrogant, and un-presidential.

We need to start talking with these women and anyone else and ask them to put their emotions aside for a minute and think about the safety of their sons & daughters their grandsons and daughters, nieces and nephews.

We need to prepare for the preplanned protests and riots that will come after the elections. Help them understand that protests are inevitable but the riots will be either stopped or empowered by the winner of the election.

Of all the possibilities for the election, a landside Trump will be the only one that will bring lasting peace and safety with a minimum of unrest. A narrow Trump win will generate more turmoil but I believe, a reelected Trump, will restore peace quickly.

As for a Biden/Harris win I will paraphrase what Shreve Deace said about this his 10/07/2020 show.
Here are the excerpts:

There's a lot of people living in suburbs that think if you just get rid of Donald Trump the media won't be as biased the left won't be as radicalized and we will just return to some kind of normal.  The exact opposite of that is true

Whatever you incentivize you always get more of. And the left and its media will be incentivized that insurgency works,

The Democratic Party thought it could, cynically, harness this energy of these leftists in order to use them to obtain political power. But once unleashed and mainstreamed a religious fervor such as this cannot be contained and that's what this is.

Progressivism is not a political ideology, it is a religion. Such a radicalized religion cannot be contained it can only be defeated or it will sweep across the countryside like you saw radicalized Islam sweep across places like Asia Minor. And it wasn't because they had debates ... they took the scimitar to the throat, that's what they did.

If you do not defeat such movements peacefully at the ballot box, rest assured you WILL be forced to confront them elsewhere.  Because they don't stop they don't ever stop, they can't stop on their own

The leftist pagan religion has swept through the Democratic Party, that cynically thought it could contain it.And make no mistake it will sweep through the rest of this country once it is empowered to do so

Ask you have any family members living in Michigan right now ask them what they think when they're just trying to enjoy a night out, a drink or a dinner as we've seen have we not they will come to you they will seek you out. You've already seen the proto version of this throughout the year with these marauding bands of rioters and disruptors, cynically labeled by their sycophant media charlatans as quote peaceful protesters

If they are successful on November 3rd we will have sent them a message that this works  Thus, you're going to get more of it and then worse. This Marxist revolution will be televised and you living your pleasant valley Sundays in the suburbs you will be its captive audience, you will be
So don't vote for trump if you don't believe he's earned your vote ( or you are repelled by his behavior. You're entitled to do that. Then in return, i look forward to seeing your plan on November the 4th.

I want to see what's your plan for how to stop a Marxist insurgency that will now be fully incentivized fully empowered with a senile figurehead sitting in the most powerful office in the world

That gives them the cover behind the scenes to manipulate things and threaten your way of life in ways that Barrack Obama could have only fever-dreamed or vain imagined.

ilook forward to seeing your plan. Please reveal it. I look forward to seeing it because everything they'll do to you will be now called your new normal
make no mistake when and if Donald Trump goes away these leftists will still be here for they are right now where they've always wanted to be in your face and they're not gonna go away unless you make them.

What Steve is saying, in my opinion, It that either mob rule or the rule of law on the ballot this year
He is asking the question we must ask everyone in our social circle.

You can start by saying "are you voting for President Trump, I am because I don't want mobs roaming the streets and threading my family, my home or where I work.
If they say yes, cool. Then ask them if you can help get them to the polls

If not ask them why they are voting for Biden/Harris?  Let them tell you all their reason without interruption.

Then start asking them open-ended question to get them justify to their opinions.  

When they make accusations ask for specific examples.

Ask them where they get most of their information. If they say the news, Tell them that you understand why they have those beliefs and you too would have the same beliefs if they relied on those sources.

Ask them what do you think of the Democrats plans outlined in the Indivisible project and the Transition Integrity Project show that the mob was empowered to get rid of trump. Tell them you can prove it.

Ask them why are the Democrats running away from the violence that they tacitly condoned only after the polls turned against it.

Ask them why are the riots, looting, and murder getting that were swept under the rug when they were once praised or used a threat to elect Biden

If they just dislike Trump because of his demeanor.

Ask how do you expect a man to behave to people that lie to his face, demean and slander his children accuse him of fake crimes and impeach him for no reason.

Ask them would you prefer our commander in chief to wimp out on all challenges, go along with anything that  is politically convenient and that hides from all tough decisions

Ask them would you rather have a mean looking guard dog protecting your family or a tired old sleepy hound dog.

Ask them how they would feel if they voted on emotion and everything about their whole world changed. It became more dangerous, more insecure, more oppressive, and less free for them and every generation after them. Where they could never undo what they had done.

Look up the Socratic Method and use it, it works.
To see the Socratic method superbly exectud watch in the video "I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump"  on YouTube


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