After installing the Drill pipe, the power frequency and the pointer on the frequency switch in the control box should show the same ratio. If they are different, a frequency conversion switch should be used for conversion. The drill rod is installed on the drill rig. The placement of the drilling rig should be stable and firm, and the tappet should be adjusted by automatic fine-tuning or wire hammer to maintain its vertical state. Before starting drill pipe operation, the joystick should be adjusted to the neutral position. In the process of using the drill pipe, if you find that the drill down limit alarm signal has been turned on, you must stop drilling in time, raise the drill pipe to a certain height, wait until the alarm signal is eliminated, and then you can continue drilling. Rod work. During the operation, when the rotation direction of the drill pipe needs to be changed, the drill pipe must be safely stopped before continuing the operation.

When drilling the drill pipe, do not clean the dirt on the drill by hand. If you find that the strong bolt is loose, you need to stop the drill pipe operation immediately and continue the operation after tightening. After using the drill pipe, you must lift the drill pipe and the drill bit from the hole, and remove the dirt on the drill pipe and spiral blade, and then press the drill bit to the ground. After braking this position, the joystick will be placed in the neutral position and the operating power will be disconnected.

With the development of mechanical alloying, rapid solidification technology has been developed rapidly. Due to the rapid development of geological drill pipes, the enhancement of fine crystals is very important. Deformation heat treatment can enhance the density of geological drill pipes and make them evenly distributed. Geological drill pipes can also be strengthened by fine grain strengthening and deformation.


In order to strengthen the geological drill pipe, on the one hand, the pre-increase is achieved by adding modifiers, and the performance of raw materials is continuously improved. Therefore, this is also an important means to strengthen raw materials. Through the research and development of geological drill pipes in recent years, in addition to improving time efficiency, the performance standards of geological drill pipes themselves have also been improved. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the research of geological drill pipes has mainly focused on alloying and rapid solidification technology, and has made progress. While strengthening the geological drill pipe standards, cooperate with the promotion work, scientifically and effectively do a good job in the production of rock mines and geological drill pipe models, and strive to produce more mines and more high-quality mines to achieve production efficiency. Strengthen geological drill pipe standards, improve the quality of ore, and ensure the uniformity and stability of ore output, which will provide favorable conditions for future production and development.

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