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When planning for reopening, identify the type of risk exposure a worker will reasonably encounter on the job. Take mitigation steps to reduce the hazards in the brake assembly line.


Whenever possible, eliminate, substitute, engineer or isolate the hazard.
Take a look at the way people are doing their job (also known as “administrative” control). Is there a way to change work processes to reduce hazards? If so, change the work process so workers can remain safer. (The OSHA video above is an example of an administrative control.)
Provide personal protection equipment (PPE) as a line of defense. Providing employees with face masks is a form of PPE.
Involve workers in the hazard mitigation control process. They may have a unique perspective of how work is really done and ways it can be improved. Encourage open discussion that is free from retaliation.
Train employees on the plan.
Finally, it is critical to follow up. Make sure that controls are in place and working as planned. Safety isn’t done after training, and sometimes retraining is necessary.

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