Received this from a friend who was once in the business:

have posted information from a friend that works at Tyson Dakota City, Ne beef packing plant. They have suspended kill floor operations through the end of this week. The processing dept is still working to clear the coolers, however, there are so many people who have called in they can only run the chain at approx 100 when previously 400 was the norm. The majority of those testing positive do work in processing. So I am curious about next week and what that will bring. I heard they will begin testing all employees for the cv in the near future, but is that really going to work to assure anything other than the day the individual was tested?

Another interesting point in Ramadan which is soon upon us. The lunchroom at the Tyson plant is converted into a prayer room. Since they are required the requisite times for prayer, they are allowed to take breaks and a Mullah leads them. How will this work?

I am not sure how the virus has been introduced and propagated in the packing industry, but I feel confident in the fact that plant management completely dropped the ball regarding how they would handle it, this exacerbated by their hiring practices. For years they have opted for the immigrant cheap labor. I have witnessed this transform our community into a third words sh#thole. Many of these people are filthy, think hygiene or lack of, and the ancillary issues that the whole community has to deal with. Lack of language skills, low IQ, arrogant attitudes, they live in squalor and they bring this to work.

Sorry for the slight thread drift, but this can be replicated in every community that has a packing plant (my opinion), but surely in every hotbed within a couple of hundred miles of us.

    Most of the Somalian's have called in sick, I was told. They live 5-10 to an apartment in South Sioux City. Their stores up and down Dakota Ave. are empty during the day, but at night Soul Foods parking lot is full....I have no clue where they are going, but they are congregating. Woodbury county is up 46 new cases today, while Dakota County is unchanged. Things are going to get ugly here in the next 2 weeks.

Truthfully, I'm wondering what the heck, too.

Those processing/packing places are generally clean, (much cleaner than the public would imagine) with lots of wash water, disinfectant, chlorine, gloves, etc. all over the place, and with inspectors on the lines paid to call out problems.

I can grant that there are a lot of illegals and immigrants working there, and a lot of people who would quite possibly go to work sick because they need the income, but still...for one industry to show SO many problems...


I am a retiree from Smithfield Foods, and up until recently was under a confidentiality agreement that prevented me from sharing info. This is what I know for sure, and it may help connect some dots. A large percentage of the pork from the Sioux Falls plant is sent to China to be processed for literally, pennies on the dollar. When finished, it is returned to the West Coast port and taken to it's respective destination. One destination is Martin City, MO, which is now shut down for who knows how long. The same containers they use in Sioux Falls, which is a slaughterhouse, are used to return the pork to packing facilities like Martin City. Then the empty containers are returned to Sioux Falls to start the process all over again. This has been going on for years, way before China purchased Smithfield.
ugh- buy kosher... "grow & behold"- a large enough order reduces the price- or contract with a rancher with neighbors for a side of beef
  • May 1, 2020
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Safari Woman
wow good to know thanks  I have been feeling the element of bio terrorism in this  --- maybe this is the angle of infection to keep it perpetually going... 
  • May 2, 2020
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