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So Monday night (February 10, 2020), we’re treated to Quid pro Joe Biden, Frog Prince of the DC Swamp, Obamite Emissary Extraordinaire to the Oligarchy of Ukranja, Hoarder of Funds, Launderer of Cash, Father of Hunter, holding a campaign rally to which about a hundred people showed up. 




Admittedly, it was a cold night.




But it was also a cold night in Manchester, where a Trump rally again filled the arena to overflowing, the President suggesting that supporters might vote in the Democrat primary for the “weakest” candidate, whoever that might be.  Just watch the nitwits come out with the charge that he’s “interfering in the electoral process!”  Whatever.




But back to Quid pro Joe.  Steely-eyed and square-jawed, doing his best impression of Dirty Harry (which is really pretty bad!), Biden emphasized that he’ll “be DAMNED” if he’ll allow four more years of Trump as president, demanding that his anemic following “take back our country.”  Now that little phrase flashed a question before my formerly-besotted brain:  Just WHO the hell does Biden wish to “take the country back” FROM?  The inescapable answer is obvious:  We the People, who seized power from Joe and his fellow swamp creatures in 2016, temporarily losing some back in 2018, and who are now on track for a major correction in 2020, retaining the Presidency, expanding our majority in the Senate, and re-taking the House of Representatives.




In the meantime, apparently realizing he’s in for a major shellacking, Joe has already left New Hampshire, hoping to get a “head start” in South Carolina, desperate to “pull ahead.” 




My guess is that he hasn’t yet figured out what to pull it from.




IndyLinda is online.
LOL! Yep!
  • February 12, 2020
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Safari Woman is online.
I think the only reason he ran was to shield himself and son from Ukraine investigatios and to set up the dems for an impeachment angle of Trump going after his "opponent" As if this loser could ever be a real challenge to Donald J Trump, I think he will stay in longer than makes sense for the same ...
  • February 13, 2020
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