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R. A. Schultz






By now, it should be apparent that the Democrat-Socialists are speeding toward a major electoral train wreck come Election Day, 2020.  Every one of their candidates is, at the very best, lackluster, and each has his/her/xis special fault or quirk that virtually guarantees failure in the general election.




Bernie is a wacked-out millionaire communist.  Pete, the Mayor of Gomorrah, born male, is “married” to his “husband.”  Elizabeth has a serious credibility problem.  Quid pro Joe has a serious ethical problem as godfather of an international crime family.  Amy appears to be in the midst of an identity crisis.  The only relatively sane one among the rest of them, Tulsi Gabbard,  doesn’t stand a chance,  simply because she hasn’t succumbed to leftist groupthink and is therefore incapable of mouthing the inane platitudes necessary to capture the attention of any significant portion of brain-dead Democrat-Socialist primary voters, much less a sufficient portion of the general electorate to be successful.




Then it came to me like an epiphany! 




The only possible way for the Democrat-Socialists to be successful at the polls this November is to nominate Donald J. Trump as their presidential candidate.  Trump could thus be elected by acclamation.  Both political parties will win the election and can bask in the warm sunlight of a well-earned victory!  President Trump can then lead us all triumphantly into a future of Truth, Unity, and Concord!




“It’ll be fun,” they said.




In the meantime, continue to stock up on popcorn.  The season ain’t over.


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