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Quite sadly, the People of Puerto Rico have conclusively proven, beyond any shadow of a reasonable doubt, that they continue to be totally incapable of self-governance.  Whenever they have seemed to be on their way to proving me wrong, that same old Latin American pre-disposition toward governmental corruption simply kicks in.  The people consistently elect to positions of authority the basest of criminals, apparently thinking that those they elect have what they have been led to believe is “necessary  experience” in government.




For these observations, the lunatics of the Left will undoubtedly label me a “racist.”  So be it.  Puerto Rican is not a race, nor is “Hispanic.”  Let it suffice to say that, since 1998, when my Coast Guard shipmates in San Juan joyously proclaimed me an “Honorary Puerto Rican,” I have self-identified as a Puertoriqueno, and continue to think of myself as such.




In September of 1998, I was present in Puerto Rico for the battering sustained by Hurricane Georges, which by the time it hit the island, was a very strong Category 2, having suddenly (and mysteriously) dropped from a forecast Category 5.  Devastation was widespread.  The death count was seven, with several more injured.  The electrical grid, seemingly having been based on the Sudanese model, had virtually ceased to exist.  Yet, within days, the island was coming back.  The electrical grid was restored, as was landline telephonic communication.




Now cometh Maria, a full-force Category 5 hurricane, striking during the eighth month of the Trump administration.  Anti-Trump Leftists allege that federal aid is not forthcoming, even as the Coast Guard is the first agency to arrive on the island even before the wind stops blowing! 




As yet “unidentified sources” have told us via the Make-Believe Media, that there are upwards of 2,000 dead, but no proof has been forthcoming.  Later, we find warehouses full of undistributed emergency supplies.  WHO was withholding these supplies, and WHY?




The corrupt government of Puerto Rico will undoubtedly pursue the guilty parties, and there will be “indictments” and “prosecutions,” all of which will be without meaning, if even conclusion.  Some of the guilty will seek safe haven in Latino countries having no extradition treaties with the United States.




Puerto Rico is presently in urgent need of the appointment by the President of the United States, of an all-powerful Governor-General, with complete authority to clean up corruption and restore the rule of law to the island.  What better candidate for the job than an Anglo heavily steeped in law enforcement and government service, who self-identifies as a Puertoriqueno?




Rarely to be humble, I hereby offer my services.




I think we’re running out of popcorn.


Safari Woman is online.
I second that motion!
  • January 21, 2020
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