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R. A. Schultz




The Democrat-Socialists are now threatening Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) with an ethics violation for presumably meeting with foreign nationals to gather information on one or another of their crooked cronies.




One fact we  must always keep in mind when dealing with, or even listening to, Democrat-Socialists, is that they're congenitally stupid.  They are therefore functionally impaired in all thought processing and in vocabulary extent and usage.  Some of them, with extensive practice and coaching, have even become marginally functionally literate, like Obama who usually speaks in memorized talking-point sound bytes and tired clichés.




So, when they accuse one of our people  of an "ethics violation," they are merely referring to the fact that the person accused simply doesn't agree with them about something, and when they accuse one of our people of "digging up dirt" on one of their fair-haired fairies, they are referring to the fact that the person accused is conducting a legitimate criminal investigation into a crime committed by the fairie.


If one of the Democrat-Socialists should accidentally recall his/her/its history, I'm afraid we're about to be lectured yet again about Republican "ties" to NAZIsm.   Hitler, after all, was BORN in Vienna, and now they're accusing Devin Nunes of the high crime of visiting the city, presumably to MEET with an Austrian!  Recalling that dimwit 0v0mit, I wonder if they spoke Austrian.


Meanwhile, back inside the Beltway, some ball-less "Republican," seeking a media Christmas party invite, is likely to tell the fags at CNN that Devin may have committed an "error in judgment" that surely wouldn't happen again!  Nunes will be forced to offer a non-apology apology, and all will return to normal in the DC Swamp.




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  • November 29, 2019
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Safari Woman
That place really is a toxic cesspool.... and there are those that want to give those who make it there complete power over their lives. What fools. 
  • December 1, 2019
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