R. A. Schultz






Ya know what I’m not buyin’?  An Army lieutenant colonel on the National Security Council, a mole embedded in place by the homosexual Muslim communist predecessor of our current president, publicly stating his opinion of the contents of a Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information telephone call between OUR POTUS and another head of state, thereby divulging the content of that conversation.  For this security breach, the individual, MISTER Vindman, should have been the subject of a criminal referral to the Army criminal investigators and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  His appearance as a “witness” before a House committee chaired by a serial liar and already proven traitor, Adam Schiff, is, at its very best, highly inappropriate, and an essential aspect of the treasonous coup, which, if not engineered by, then most assuredly implemented by, the little Schitt himself.




I also ain’t buyin’ the “testimony” of Ambassador Sondeland’s aide, who reports that he “overheard” a CELL PHONE conversation between the ambassador and POTUS, which took place in a public place, a hotel restaurant, in a hostile country.  Ya wanna talk about egregious security violations?  Let’s start right here.




And just how, pray tell, did little Adam Schitt and his “committee” come across the information provided by these DC Swamp leakers?  It’s all part of the conspiracy to effect a treasonous coup to overthrow the constitutionally-elected government of the United States of America under the leadership of OUR President, Donald J. Trump.




We the People  MUST resist these traitors, and insist that they be brought to justice swiftly.




Hang ‘em high!


Safari Woman
It is hard for me to really comprehend just how dangerous these times are - but yet I know what we are watching is historic and possibly the worse thing I've ever seen come out of the swamp. Besides JFK being murdered, this coup attempt is truly frightening. If we didn't have a Senate majority I'd b...
  • November 23, 2019
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