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It was in late September, 2001, a couple of weeks after the Islamofascist terrorist attacks, that I recall observing to a friend and fellow analyst at the Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center, that the older I got, the less patience I had with stupidity.  Now, more than 18 years later,  I can truthfully report that my patience with stupidity has gone through the floor and has settled somewhere at considerably less than zero. 




I realized this only yesterday morning when, after a great night’s rest, I wandered into the living room and turned on the television, which is usually set on the Fox News channel.  The scene was a committee room in the US Capitol, and the announcer was promising a full day of live hearings from what is now known in media circles as the Impeachment Committee, which should bear instead the more accurate identity of the Bullschiff Committee.  Talk about STUPID!  Sighing heavily, I began surfing the channels, finally landing on a channel about to show Braveheart, which Annette and I wound up watching for the better part of the day.  Even with the ten commercials every ten minutes, I’m sure we enjoyed the day more than we would have watching the bullschiff.




This morning was a repeat, this time settling on an NCIS marathon, which I briefly interrupted mid-afternoon to catch a bit of Rush, finding  in a few short minutes that Ambassador Sonderland’s actual testimony today conflicted with his 23-page opening statement, inasmuch as his testimony was that there was in fact NO quid pro quo in President Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainians, thus purging all traces of wind from the sails of the “impeachment inquiry.”  However, the “news media” is still touting Sonderland’s phony “bombshell” that there was a quid pro quo, which turned out to be a totally erroneous presumption on his part having nothing to do with our furnishing military aid to Ukraine.  I won’t bother even waiting for the back-page retraction a month from now.  By the way, I did manage to get through the first two sentences of Schiff’s stupid, lying opening statement before I began surfing.




Knowing that more bullschiff is in store for us tomorrow, I think we’ll go out for a morning ride on the beach in our SUV, further contributing to global warming.










Safari Woman
That sounds like a really nice thing to do tomorrow. I wish I could do the same. this -> Ambassador Sonderland’s actual testimony today conflicted with his 23-page opening statement, inasmuch as his testimony was that there was in fact NO quid pro quo in President Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian...
  • November 21, 2019
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