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If the Democrat-Socialists seriously think that they will achieve some sort of victory by removing President Trump from office via their impeachment hoax, a thinly-disguised seditious coup, which began on November 9, 2016, perhaps they should step back and concentrate on producing another, more lucid, thought.  In reality, they will have succeeded in accomplishing nothing more than guaranteeing that every future POTUS elected will be impeached, regardless of party or ideology.


Safari Woman
Obama should have been impeached! This is such a load of crap it really makes me furious. But I don't know if the REpublicans have the spine for it. So many of them are even Dem lite RINOS that unless the party really gets a grip and changes, I don't see them being so bold. Dems on the other hand wi...
  • November 21, 2019
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