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Reading Marie Yovanovitch’s description of her “feelings” in the AP article, one might get the impression that she had been appointed by G-d to be the US ambassador to Ukraine and that President Trump had just committed a mortal sin by firing her less-than-stellar-performing butt.




First, I guess, the reader should consider the media outlet providing the former ambassador her crying towel and whining platform.  Normally, when I see the Associated Press logo, I know to simply avoid the piece as it will be devoid of fact.  Curiosity in this case got the better of me so I read on, and was not therefore disappointed by the absence of fact.




Yovanovitch was not “ousted.”  As ambassador to Ukraine appointed by Obama, she was a holdover into the Trump administration for more than two years.  The reader may recall that one of Obama’s first acts was to fire all ambassadors appointed by his predecessor, George W. (Obama-Lite) Bush.  There had been rumblings earlier that Trump was less than satisfied with Yovanovitch’s performance and this, coupled with her holdover status, should have meant her eventual firing should have come as no surprise to anyone, especially the former ambassador herself!  Ambassadors, being the President’s personal representatives, serve purely at the pleasure of the President, who needs no reason to fire them, and certainly doesn’t have to justify their firing to a political non-entity like Adam Schiff.




Yeesh!  Ya might even get the impression that no one had ever been  fired before.  Been there.  Done that.  I know it doesn’t feel good at first, but reflecting on each time I’ve been fired or relieved, I’ve always gone on to something better!  Write a book, Marie.  I’m sure the DNC will scoop up enough copies to put it on the best-seller’s list.




As to Trump’s “attacks” on Yovanovitch, these arose only after she volunteered to become a target by falsifying stories about the circumstances surrounding her performance and firing.  One would think that after some three decades in the Foreign Service Yovanovitch would have developed a somewhat thicker skin.  Yeah, Marie, the boss doesn’t like you.  Get over it.










She's bought and paid for by Obama/Soros. A cheap lying shill.
  • November 16, 2019
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