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The original hiss of someone leaking was that President Trump was somehow “caught in the act” of making some sort of untoward promise to another world leader by a “whistleblower” who allegedly “overheard” the presidential conversation and thought it was of such urgent import that it was reported to the intelligence community inspector general who, in turn, passed it through the Justice Department for a determination regarding the necessity of reporting the matter to the appropriate congressional oversight committee.  Apparently, Justice determined that no such report was required.  Actually, it’s more likely that someone in the replacement squad now occupying the upper echelons of the Justice Department looked at the matter and determined it was just more partisan bullsh*t, which is precisely what it’s turning out to be.




The Swamp-dwelling Democrat-Socialists now have their collective undergarments in a wad and are throwing a major hissy-fit over the contents of a private telephone conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine, said conversation now being reported as having occurred sometime in July of this year.  The timing should give the reader at least a hint as to the “urgency” of getting the matter before a congressional committee!  It is now widely and wildly speculated by the chattering chip-munks of chumpdom that the presidential conversation centered around the considerable contribution of the Biden Crime Family to the plague of corruption now endemic in Ukraine, and it is most desperately hoped for by the Democrat-Socialists that President Trump said something during the conversation that can be spun into something that they might be able to claim was criminal, or at the very least, not nice.




We now hear further that the “whistleblower” has no personal first-hand knowledge of the presidential conversation, but that House Democrats are virtually storming the gates to impeach the president, apparently because they don’t know what he supposedly said.




So We the People can look forward only to another week of stupidity-induced angst as what’s left of our country marches inexorably toward its inevitable geopolitical divorce.


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