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Police officers today are armed with various tools with which to perform their myriad daily tasks of social work.  Standard fare for the regular beat cop, some of whom still actually perform foot patrols, though these are a rarity, are a nightstick, a high-powered Maglight which can double as a spare skull-crushing nightstick, a blackjack, pepper spray or mace, a steel claw, handcuffs, tactical gloves with embedded  lead weights, a tactical knife, steel-tipped combat boots, a stun gun or taser, and a semi-automatic pistol.  All armament short of the pistol are considered “non-lethal” weapons (however marginally), most of which are now carried because of liberal whining of such inanities as “Why  didn’t you shoot him in the leg?” “Why did you have to shoot him six times?” or “Why didn’t you shoot the knife out of his hand?”  You get the point, I’m sure. 


Yet the firearm remains as the single tool most likely to stop a dangerous bad guy from doing the things dangerous bad guys do, just because that’s what they do.  Some officers, having been elevated to an elite status within the law enforcement community, have at close hand even more lethal weaponry.  For example, members of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams normally have within easy reach an AR-15 or M-16 capable of being switched to full automatic for those special situations in which multiple bad guys want to get in on the action.  Also available is the 12-guage riot shotgun with a special multi-occasion ammunition selection.  Tear gas grenades are quite effective as well as entertaining. 

The elite of the elite, the police snipers, get to play with usually their own individual choice of a high-powered sniper rifle equipped with a super sniper scope with night vision, and capable of castrating a mosquito in flight at 2000 yards.


Special circumstances may require special munitions.  Enter the stun grenade, or “flash-bang,” the rifle-launched tear gas cannister, the water cannon, the armored scout car, the armored personnel carrier, and the tank!  Additionally, hand-carried weapons can be carried aboard helicopters and others can be affixed to the aircraft’s frame.  Armed drones are still in the experimental stage for law enforcement applications but will no doubt play an increasingly important role in modern enforcement capabilities.


But the most important element in the vast array of police armament is the individual officer, who is better educated and more highly trained than ever before.  Any officer may be called upon at any time to make split-second life-or-death decisions, and must be part psychologist, part teacher, part doctor, part mentor, part counselor, part minister, part public relations officer.  He or she must be capable of instantaneously adapting to any conceivable situation and responding appropriately within the confines of the laws of their jurisdiction and the regulations and policies of their department.


The job is made more ever difficult by the stupid acts and pronouncements of clueless left-wing twits of the likes of Camel-breath Harris and Lizard-breath Warren, who recently resuscitated the abject lie that common street  thug Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson.  One is forced to wonder just how unspeakably stupid and corrupt these useless sacks of socialist sewage must really be to put their own political advancement ahead of trying to improve already painfully tense race relations and the safety and well-being of We the People.



Safari Woman is online.
Spot on BlueMax. Thanks! I could hardly believe those two came out with the lie about Brown! After the terrible hate, grief and tension that caused our nation - then these two idiots stir the pot. WTH  and they seem to have gotten away with it. 
  • August 14, 2019
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