R. A. Schultz



We hear a lot of noise these days emanating from the American Left, particularly from the Democrat-Socialist “candidates” for their party’s presidential nomination, to the effect that Australia has been so  eminently successful in confiscating the firearms of private citizens that there’s no reason we can’t do the same thing here in the United States.  To those nattering nabobs, I submit the following:


The population of Australia is approximately 23.5 million.  The population of the United States is approximately 327.2 million, with approximately 100+ million owning more than 400 million firearms.  The Leftists keep telling us it’s “impossible” to round up and deport roughly 11 million illegal aliens (The actual figure is closer to 35 million!) currently living in the country.  If this is so, how the HELL do they think they’re going to take 400 million firearms away from 100 million less-than-willing  people? 


It really makes ya wonder if any of these Democrat-Socialist “candidates” have the slightest clue about WTF they’re saying about anything!

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