R. A. Schultz


FOREWORD:  Many thanks to cousin Wanda Schultz Smith for posting this:



Sharing this from a very wise man..James Thomas..

Here’s where the liberal’s argument becomes totally f-ing ridiculous. In 2017 696 people were beaten to death using hands and feet. Another 467 were murdered with hammers, clubs and other blunt objects. 1,591 were stabbed or hacked to death. 250,000 were killed by doctors due to mistakes and incompetence. 10,874 were killed by drunk drivers. 40,000+ killed in traffic accidents due to negligent driving. ONLY 403 were killed with rifles. These statistics stay in about the same order every year. So why aren’t you liberals whining about banning knives, hammers, sticks, alcohol, cars and doctors? I’ll tell you why. Like many idiots have been brainwashed to believe, Duhhhh Orangeman bad, they’ve also been brainwashed to believe, Duh “assault” rifles bad. Statistics show rifles aren’t the problem.




Safari Woman
Godlessness and the destruction of the family are big parts of the problem imho.
  • August 6, 2019
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