R. A. Schultz



It has become painfully obvious that this crowd of midget clown losers doesn't possess a single atom of common sense between the lot of them, meaning, equally obviously, that there is not a single Socialist Party (The new NOTSI ~ Noxiously Odious Thuggish Socialist Imbeciles) candidate even remotely acceptable for election to the Presidency of what's left, after Clinton, two Bushes, and Obama, of the United States.  Furthermore, there is no way any of them, even acting in concert, can defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election other than by means of massive election fraud, an activity for which they are all currently preparing.


Inasmuch as massive election fraud is the Socialists' ONLY path to victory in 2020, we may expect them to exercise it frequently and far and wide, meaning that We the People must be ready and willing to contest fraudulent election activity and results wherever and whenever they arise by any means necessary!  When these criminals are identified, caught in the act, or cornered, we must anticipate their violent and assaultive reaction.  This is the way they have been schooled, and this is all they know.  In their ignorance, they believe we are the fascists and that they are on the right side of history.


We must not allow, under any circumstances, any one or any combination of this pack of leftist jackals to return our country to the kleptocratic 0bamite fascist mediocrity they so readily and warmly embrace.  Should ANY of them succeed in overthrowing our government in 2020, we may be assured that we’ll never get it back!  The Deep State will have triumphed, and those of us who haven’t been taken out in the ensuing firefights will all be on our way to communist “re-education” camps. 


The seriousness of our current plight cannot be overstated!


G-d SAVE America!

Safari Woman is online.
They cheat so many ways - it's incredible ... cleaning up voter rolls is a good start but that isn't enough in itself.
  • July 10, 2019
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