R. A. Schultz



The lying commie Make-Believe Media, in yet another of their homosexual hissiefits, is spreading the myth throughout the country via their phony sissy headlines, that there is somehow a degree of consternation among the citizens of DC and its surroundings about the movement of tanks and other military equipment in preparation for a great celebration of our nation’s independence.


NOTHING could be further from the truth.


Having traveled regularly for several years between Long Island and DC, then Long Island and Norfolk, VA, and having resided in Northern Virginia on two separate occasions, and for ten whole years in Norfolk, I will personally attest that there is NOTHING in any way unusual about the movement of troops and heavy military equipment in and around the region!  Anyone who professes nervousness about it is a f*@king liar and/or a fairie socialist!


The District of Columbia is necessarily one of the most heavily fortified jurisdictions in the country, and Southeastern Virginia is a close second.  Forts, air bases, and naval stations surround the District of Columbia and the Tidewater area.  The movement of troops and equipment from one location to another occurs on a daily basis.  Trust me.  No one is panicking, except the sissyfags of the Make-Believe Trump-loathing establishment media whose interest lies in creating a phony anti-Trump narrative.


These people are literally forfeiting their right to protection under the First Amendment!  SHAME on them!


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