FOREWORD (Added July 2, 2019):

Something I find particularly disturbing is the obvious befuddlement of people who really should be “in the know” about which end is up politically or, more to the point, the difference between left and right and which end is which.  I have seen lawyers, political scientists, “law-makers,” writers, historians, and especially what we have come to refer to euphemistically as “journalists,” not only make this mistake, but propagate it among a usually unwitting populace to the point it’s become established “fact.”  It is by no means fact.  It is not merely a myth  but a Satanic lie!

I have long ago recognized this fundamental error and have attempted to correct it, with varying degrees of success, as the “conventional wisdom,” having been totally infused by the international communist conspiracy, has long since had its way, and currently it is far more convenient and politically essential for the statist left to continue to perpetuate this fraudulent myth than it is to set the record straight.  The leftists, after all, want the electorate to be stupid, and therefore will do anything and everything in its power to maintain the status quo.  Their goal is power, nothing more, nothing less.  And they will do anything they have to do to maintain that power.



(Originally published June 1, 2018)


R. A. Schultz



Perhaps the greatest triumph of delusion over reality has been the liberal concept of the political left-right paradigm, which stems directly from Josep Stalin’s World War II era public relations triumph in successfully labeling fascism and NAZIism (National Socialism) as doctrines of the far right.  All leftists, whether they label themselves “independent,” “enlightened,” “moderate,” “liberal,” or “progressive,” share the common denominator of being statists.  Statism is essential to their leftist worldview because, lacking the police power of the central state to enforce their doctrinal beliefs on others, the natural tendency of the human psyche to be free would become dominant.



Logically, then, all statist beliefs, whether they be Marxist, socialist, or fascist, dependent as they must be for their very existence on the presence of a strong central police power, should be viewed as being at one end of the political spectrum.  Those doctrines so dependent are doctrines of totalitarianism, or the dominance of the central state.  I have labeled those who support a strong central state STAZIS, a mix of “statist” and NAZI.



We may therefore place all totalitarian doctrines at the left end of the political spectrum, somewhat arbitrarily, but where they apparently consider themselves to be, and place the total absence of governmental control, or ANARCHY, completely uncontrolled freedom to do ANYTHING, at the extreme right, only because we’ve already populated the left.  Thus, we have at the left total governmental control of everything and at the right, total absence of governmental control over anything.  This view of the political spectrum simply makes the most sense, as any other view begins at least to some extent to defy logic.



Hence, all statist doctrines are of the left, and the political spectrum, moving to the right, gravitates toward greater personal freedom.



Historically, anarchists have deluded themselves into thinking they’re at least allies of Marxists, but this is only because anarchists and Marxists oppose what has come to be known as the established order,  or THE ESTABLISHMENT, and both often resort to wanton violence to display their opposition thereto.



Every government on Planet Earth can be found somewhere along the political spectrum we have established.  Some governments tend to be more to the left, toward tolerating less personal freedom, than others. 



Our founding fathers visualized a government tending toward more personal freedom, but intervening history has significantly changed things to favor an ongoing increase in centralized government to the point where today our central government, known somewhat euphemistically as the “federal government,” is becoming recognizably more totalitarian.  Indeed, our founding fathers argued often bitterly about the creation of what was to become our republic.  Patrick Henry (who, in another time and place would undoubtedly have been one of my closest drinking buddies) argued passionately against the establishment of a powerful central government, even arguing against the Constitution, and being a driving force in the inclusion of the First Ten Amendments to that Constitution, guaranteeing our God-given rights against any infringement by the central government.



Historically notable events have occurred to alter significantly the character of our original republic, such as the Supreme Court decision in the matter of Marbury vs. Madison, in which the court in 1803 usurped the previously unknown doctrine of judicial review, and what we Southerners often refer to as the War of the Northern Aggression (1861 – 1865), wherein a megalomaniacal president imposed his own will on an entire continent by causing the invasion by the armies of the northern states upon a by-then sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America.  The historical trend has been an ongoing centralization of power concentrated in the national government to the detriment of the sovereignty of the individual states and hence to the freedom of the individual citizen, which leaps us forward to the fundamental political arguments of the present day.



The election to the presidency of an adamantly anti-establishment candidate has obviously caused tremendous shock waves throughout a bloated, and increasingly ineffective and leftward-plunging central government bureaucracy which has become weaponized over the past several decades for use against We the People.  The STAZIs have taken control.  Reportedly, within that bureaucracy, secret societies have been formed for the purpose of resisting long-necessary reforms within the government, and even to attempt to undermine and bring down the president himself.  These seditious movements, often referred to as “the Resistance,” or “the Deep State,” must be rooted out and terminated.  Appropriately lengthy prison terms should be awarded to responsible parties.



The major problem we currently face is that the Department of Justice, the agency necessary to force the urgently-needed bureaucratic reforms, has yet to get its own act together, what with a plethora of radical leftist moles embedded deep within its fabric, and an Attorney General supposedly at the helm, who appears to be taking a deep nap.  If we intend to keep our freedom, we’ll have to wake him up.  I would hate to see what happens if the opposition party should gain control before we’ve had the opportunity to prosecute them!



AFTERWORD (Added July 2, 2019):


President Trump replaced Attorney General Jeff Sessions with the appointment of former AG William Barr, and hope has tentatively resurfaced that Justice is on its way.  Some, apparently including Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), firmly believe that indictments are in the works at DOJ.  I surely hope so!






Safari Woman is online.
Great blog BlueMax! Thank you. I also hope for and yes even expect justice from the justice department in our future. I don't know to what degree we will see many of the people we hope for to be drug to court for their crimes and treason. I think, it is a very tedious tight rope to walk between what...
  • July 2, 2019
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If the Left pushes for a civil war, they will be duly vanquished. This MAY be the only way our current divisions get settled!
  • July 3, 2019
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