During the first Trump campaign we saw them attack supporters and since then they have taken to the streets in violence many times, most notably in Portland Oregon. 

Attached are the articles of the most recent violent attacks in Portland where they beat and sent three people, including a journalist whom they also robbed, to the hospital with serious injuries. 

They are calling for acid attacks at the upcoming freedom of speech rally in DC. 

There is a petition on the White House site asking Antifa to be named for what it is, a terrorist organization. Ted Cruz is also asking for this group to be investigated as such. 

Below are links to the most recent news stories and petition. Please sign and circulate this blog and/or petition to spread the word that the Democrat party's street thugs are a danger to society. Not one Democrat has condemned them and many, including Joe Biden has even praised them! 

Portland: Left-Wing Savages Bash Skull of Another Conservative in Weekend of Democrat Inspired Violent Attacks  https://gellerreport.com/2019/07/portland-left-bas...

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