MY TAKE:  Now just hold on a second!  I thought that in the current socialistic New World Order the Bernies, Kamalas, Buttergiggies, and Swallowells would have us plunge into, we ourselves were supposed to be able to choose our “gender” whenever we felt the need for change.  It goes along with the concept of “Hope.”  Julian Castro even favors taxpayer-funded abortions for trannies in transit!  Now the Israelis come up with THIS!  Oh!  The humanity of it all!


Question:  Now that we’re going to be able to choose a fetus’ sex, will we be able to alter its race?  Its species, even?  What if I, transiting between male and female human have been magically impregnated by a Weimaraner but would rather give birth to a Schnauzer? The only  positive change I can imagine is being able to choose the fetus’ political orientation, though I realize G-d has already taken care of that by hard-wiring our souls toward Freedom.


Perhaps the Israeli scientists could better serve humanity by developing a serum that could be administered to the 25 midget clowns running for the Socialist Party nomination for president and all of their disciples to arouse a common sense gene?


~ RAS 

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