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It’s Sunday afternoon, June 30, and I took a break from the computer to catch a few minutes of Maria Bartiromo’s interview of Congressbeing Tim Ryan (PROGTURD from Wherever), who  started out actually sounding somewhat reasonable until, that is, he got into our border problems.  This twit actually thinks we should continue funding the Northern Triangle countries of Central America so that their citizens won’t seek to escape the criminal gang dominance in those countries. 


Hold on a sec, podner.  If people from those countries escape into Mexico, they’re safer than they were.  They’re not continuing a 1500 mile journey  to come here to be safe.  They’re doing so to raid the Gringo’s treasury. 


Then Twit Ryan comes up with a reference to President Trump’s diplomatic triumph with the NoKo’s, stating words to the effect that he went to North Korea “where he’s acting like Chamberlain.”


That did it.  I grabbed the remote and turned off the television, having instantly concluded that Tim Ryan IS, in fact, as freakin’ stupid as he looks!  This experience also bolstered my previously-established conclusion that all liberals are congenitally stupid.  I hurled a few parting expletives at the by now blank screen, and returned to my computer.


I should have known Ryan is a jerk.  He’s just another socialist.

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