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The other night, June 27, 2019, marked the birth of what may very well become referred to as the  New NOTSI Party.


Shortly after the last act of the Socialist Circus in Miami, President Trump mentioned in passing that a rumor was afloat that the Democrats were going to change the name of their party to the Socialist Party.  A couple of leftist operatives at Politico, at the end of an article spinning what that idiot Julian Castro had postulated on the night of the 27th regarding the “right” of transsexuals to taxpayer-funded abortions (Really, folks, ya can’t make this stuff up!), stated simply that what Trump had said “wasn’t true.”  Well, how the hell would THEY know?  Do they have their ears to the ground regarding EVERYTHING that happens on the planet?  Obviously not!  It’s interesting that I for one was privy to the very same rumor.  There are a lot of very-far-leftists out there who hate America so much that they’d strongly advocate changing everything possible about the place, including references to “democracy” which they mistakenly believe refers to our form of government here in what remains of the United States of America.

Yes, it is a fact that rumors have been afoot for some time now that the lefties are so uncomfortable with certain words that they’re eager to change the name of their collapsing political organization to something with which they’re more comfortable.  Earlier, I had suggested the Peoples’ Democrat-Socialist Workers’ Party, but that had that pesky reference in it still, so it’s likely to become simply the Socialist Party, telling it like it really is.

I did have another suggestion that would identify who the newly-named party’s adherents really are.  I was thinking therefore of something along the lines of the   Noxiously Odious Thuggish Socialist Imbeciles, or  NOTSI Party.  That way, they could immediately identify with their European forebears of the more-or-less-defunct National Socialists whom they go out of their way to imitate at every turn.



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I remember in 08 I looked up the communist party and the socialist party after shots of them celebrating Obama's election surfaced. At that time, the communists supported Obama but what I found on the socialist site was more interesting, there were already around 80 members of congress/senate who we...
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