R. A. Schultz



Since the installation in office of a constitutionally illegitimate president in 2009, this country has been plagued by an ongoing cold civil war, with the occasional eruption of a hot spot here or there, wherever leftist opportunists can seize upon any excuse to exploit societal, especially racial, tensions.  Once this war turns hot in a multitude of locations, as it inevitably will, there will be no way for us to return ourselves to  a nation of individual Liberty except by means of a geopolitical divorce.


We the People, particularly those of us who have been identified by the effete establishment snobs and their New World Order enablers as occupants of an “irredeemable basket of Deplorables,” have NOTHING in common with the members of the governing class, the academicians, the millennial snowflakes, the AntiFa thugs, the democratic-socialists, and the NWO NAZIs.  We are already separate from them by reason of our  adherence to G-d, our ability to think for ourselves, to reason rationally, our adherence to the rule of law, and by our awareness that there are consequences for our actions.


We are already separated geographically from those of the political left, as illustrated by the isolated blue blotches and coastal blue strips evident on recent electoral maps.  Essentially, We are the geographical South, coupled with the sociopolitical South, Rising Again!  We are hardwired toward Liberty.  We should move toward re-establishing the Confederacy, adding and subtracting some counties here and there according to political inclination, enacting our Constitution with improvements on the original as necessary, and being careful going forward to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of our predecessors in the United States, always mindful of the precious fact that “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.”*




*Quoted from General Moshe Dayan, Israeli Defense Force.


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