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R. A. Schultz



The “natives” who met the early white European settlers who came here without their permission and were later driven from their lands, themselves having come to the Western Hemisphere without asking the already indigenous peoples for their permission.  White Europeans ultimately established a nation of laws and the means of governing it.  Therein lies the difference:  The bottom line, quite simply, is that there exists no moral equivalency between the first inhabitants of the northern part of the American Hemisphere and the current occupants.

The arrivals from the Orient who by default became the “Indians” of North America didn’t venture farther south into what is today Mexico and Central America because, as their scouts told them, they would have been slaughtered by the Aztecs, Incas,  Mayans, and Jivaros, among others, whose ancestors had come to the American Hemisphere from Polynesia without permission from ANYONE, settled the southern continent, and gradually moved north. 




The Conquistadores, many of whom had been born into the lesser Spanish nobility and suffered from well-deserved small-man complexes, once they had subdued the native populations and stolen most of their gold, set about establishing their own fiefdoms which ultimately formed the Balkans-like geopolitical landscape of today’s Central America.  Centuries of political and economic instability produced a social structure characterized by only the very few very rich and the very many very poor.  Throughout most of the region, the absence of a significant middle class is notable.  Where there have been varying degrees of enlightenment among the governing class, some states have experienced some degree of relative success.  Notable among these are Panama, Belize, and Costa Rica, though Panama’s success is predicated upon that country’s early dependence on the United States, first for its very existence, and then for its continued enrichment by accident of its geography.


Oh, and by the way, the Spaniards and other Europeans did NOT bring torture to the Americas.  Some diseases perhaps, but even that’s subject to dispute.  Torture was already alive and well among the “natives” of  South and Central America, and among their neighbors to the near north, particularly the Comanches.  Also, the arrival of the venereal diseases, often attributed to the Europeans, more likely developed in or around the Guyanas, where lonely natives were rumored to have been doing strange things with small animals.



So, anyway, presently we’re faced with the likelihood of being overrun by invaders from several failed states to our south, who are by no means sending us their best people.  Rape is endemic along the Caravan Trail.  Disease is rife and criminality is all too common.  Allowing the invaders to continue their onslaught is tantamount to national suicide.  Current efforts are underway to cajole and bribe these peoples into staying where they are, to allay the urgency they feel to better their lot by heading north and taking from others (us!) whatever they can.  Whereas many of them likely do have some concept of right and wrong, desperate times often call for desperate measures, and US Democrats, so very accustomed to exploiting the underclass, are doing everything possible to encourage the invasion, to the extreme detriment of We the People, and the very existence of the United States.


Constructing a physical barrier to stem the invasion is the very least our elected representatives can do for us.  Those opposing the barrier should be removed from office and our very midst with all possible speed.


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