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R. A. Schultz 



Roger Stone, in his latest book, The Myth of Russian Collusion (2019.  New York:  Skyhorse Publishing.), uses the term “bi-coastal elites” to refer to the political establishment of what he has termed the “uni-party,” that virtual Siamese twin-like political body, Republican and Democrat, joined at the hip, that has, up until November 8, 2016, controlled not only America’s destiny, but also the lives of all Americans.


As the direct result of the Trumpian hostile takeover of  the Republican Party during the 2015-16 primary jousts, the death-grip of what I will re-name as “the effete snobs of the bi-coastal cabal of perpetual mediocrity” has been forever broken.  This is precisely why the Establishment pukes are so viciously desperate to destroy not only Trump himself, but also his entire family, and all of us out here in the hinterlands whom Hillary Clinton has labeled “the irredeemable Basket of Deplorables.” 


In case they haven’t noticed, we’re not going quietly.

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