R. A. Schultz



To be brutally honest, Admiral William McRaven, USN (Ret.) has always underwhelmed me, despite his being a SEAL and commanding officer of the US Special Operations Command, one of whose members, Senior Chief Petty Officer Robert J. O’Neill, killed Osama bin Laden.  Perhaps it was my certainty that any general or flag officer who received another star during the reign of the fairie Kenyan prince was likely a liberal (or, preferably, a PROGTURD) and was most certainly an @$$-kisser to the nth degree, thereby, in my rarely-to-be-humble opinion, to be unfit for command.  That President Trump recently referred to McRaven as a “Hillary fan” thus came as no surprise to me.


Also coming as no surprise is the totally predictable hissy-fit currently being experienced by members of the People’s Democratic Socialist Worker’s Party and their disciples in the Make-Believe Media over the president’s honest assessment of a flag officer politician.

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