Andrew Gillum may have accepted illegal campaign Contributions

Tomorrow Floridians will be voting for the next governor of our State. The importance of this office cannot be overstated. All Floridians must know that their governor is a man or woman they can trust. How a candidate acts when seeking power will tell you how they will use that power if elected.

Andrew Gillum has questions about his tenure as mayor in Tallahassee but it is hard to know what really happened. However, we can look at his campaign finance disclosers to see how he follows the law while he is seeking power.

All candidates are told how they have to report donations to their campaigns and the limits on how much they can accept from each contributor. According to the Florida Division of Elections Except for political parties or affiliated party committees, no person or political committee may make contributions in excess of:$3,000 to a candidate for statewide office...

From a list of donors who donated more than $200 to Andrew Gillum's campaign, I found 25 who exceeded $3000. There a probably more but these 25 are a clear-cut violation of the limits. In the six years, I have been looking into campaign finance disclosures, I have never seen these many violations of the campaign limit law.

Another problem with Gillum's Financial Discloser is the unusual amount of missing information on contributors that is required by law.

The Florida website states: Candidates and committees must report all contributions, loans, expenditures, distributions, and transfers, regardless of the amount. They must report the full name and address of each person contributing or receiving the expenditure and, for contributions over $100, the occupation.

I found 156 contributors that donated more than $200 who supplied no address at all, yet Gillum accepted the $37,000 in improperly documented funds. Ron DeSantis had about 12 without addresses with "retired" being the prevalent occupation.

Another unusual thing I found is that Gillum had 177 donors who contributed over $200 who had "NONE" as their occupation but gave $118,900.00 to Gillum. In contrast, Ron DeSantis had no one listing their occupation as "NONE".

What is most unusual is that 2697 contributors said they were "NOT EMPLOYED", yet they managed to donate $1,850,994.74 to Gillum's campaign. In fact the category of "NOT EMPLOYED" contributed more to Gillum, than any other occupational group. Compare that to Ron DeSantis who had zero "NOT EMPLOYED" in his disclosure

Both Gillum and DeSantis had donors who claimed they were the "UNEMPLOYED" but they were few in number

In total Gillum received almost two million dollars from donators who had no occupation or refused to disclose it or their employer. Gillum’s Campaign is either very careless or they just do not care about the law. Neither is acceptable for a prospective governor.

Whether it is carelessness or lawlessness, we need a governor who will obey the laws that they supposed to enforce. Andrew Gillum does not yet seem to understand that core principle.

Gillum contributions over $3000b.pdf (448.33 kb, 55 views)
Pshaw!! I'm flabbergasted. What now? Hillary kills the person who uncovered this SNAFU?
  • November 5, 2018
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Laurel Victory
Catchy up after project and so far, I've laughed out loud 3 times because of your comments!
  • November 5, 2018
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