The Ten-Year-Old Who Saved America, Maybe.

You may not have known it, but our nation, based on the rule of law, almost died last week and it still could die today. Last Thursday, the Senate Judicial Committee Hearing, I expected Brett Kavanaugh, who I thought was a bad pick, would offer the same weak defense that he did for the right to life. I also thought Dr. Ford's earlier testimony was believable and convincing. It was looking like unsubstantiated allegations were all that was needed to destroy a man's life. Justice and the rule of law, and the concept of innocent until proven guilty was on the inevitable brink of distinction and assignation by allegation was going to be the new normal.

Then a most amazing thing happened. Judge Kavanaugh made an opening statement to the committee that saved the rule of law. Kavanaugh said that he wrote the statement himself, without input from others.

While Kavanaugh expertly laid out his case clearly and forcibly, it was his ten-year-old daughter that saved justice in America. I also believe that Kavanaugh is no longer standing up for a seat on the Supreme Court; he is standing up for the sake of his family.

I was in my car, listening to the radio when I heard Judge Kavanaugh relay how his ten-year-old daughter suggested that they pray for her dad's accuser. In the silence that followed, without seeing what was happening, I was overcome by an intense feeling of joy and admiration, tinged with melancholy. Later, when I saw the video I was felt it again and I still saw that Judge Kavanaugh was feeling it as well. I do not know how he kept it in. He could only say "the wisdom of a ten-year-old" as I could see the love and pride he has for his daughter.

I cannot explain why I still well up in tears of joy when I think about that girl's prayer. Maybe I share something with every parent that has their child does something so unexpected and wonderful. Maybe I share the comfort that I share the only faith, Christianity, which could provoke such a prayer. I really do not why I feel the joy. I do know the melancholy comes from the fact that ten-year-old should have to know about such allegation ageist her father, and how he is being threatened.

I watched the video repeatedly, to see if this could have been a fake. I do not think it was. First, no political handler would have thought of it. Secondly, the camera is a great lie detector and Kavanaugh is not that good an actor.

All this doesn't prove that Kavanaugh is innocent, but the evidence that came out after the hearing certainly does not meet the proof of guilt for criminal cases. In fact, the accusations do not meet the preponderance of evidence standard for civil cases.

What this does prove is that there is decency, love, and grace in this world if only in the hearts of children. We cannot let that all be washed away by political expediency. Therefore, is Kavanaugh is voted down today, President Trump should re-nominate him and let the people decide in the upcoming elections.

This is a fight for the soul of America, only made possible by the self-less prayer of a ten-year-old girl.

Blessed are the eyes that can see the truth.
  • October 6, 2018
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Safari Woman is online.
Amen - it was one of the most wonderful stories to come out of this otherwise depraved tale of our nation. These truly evil Democrats must be stopped.
  • October 7, 2018
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