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Stretching as far as possible to find something, ANYTHING! that he can include in a report leading to impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, Crooked Bob Mueller and his band of angry Democrats in search of a crime, any crime, have settled on:  CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE UNITED STATES (18 USC 371)!   Sounds “collusive,” doesn’t it?



Of course, this is based on the presumption that Mueller’s assigned task is still to manufacture sufficient evidence of conduct arising to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in order to bring articles of impeachment with any degree of seriousness.  Lately, however, it seems Mueller and his partisan team have lost the enthusiasm they displayed at the outset of their illicit undertaking.  Perhaps even THEY are wearying of chasing their tails in pursuit of a crime that never occurred.



Also, as with any crime (or even a non-crime!), an INDICTMENT can be obtained with relative ease, but to result in successful prosecution, the government must show, if they were to bring a case under 18 USC 371, beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was an agreement between two or more persons to somehow defraud the United States, AND that an overt act took place in furtherance of the agreement.  This is made more difficult for Crooked Bob inasmuch as NO crime occurred.  But that never stopped him before.



On another note, other than the two rabidly partisan staffers canned by Mueller for getting caught with  their texts and twitters down (Strzok and Page), I haven’t heard of any other staff departures from the Mueller camp.  I guess getting paid to do nothing kinda catches on after a while, even if it HAS to be boring as hell.



Oh, hey!  How about we create a new crime:    CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES?  We could indict most of Congress and the ENTIRE Make-Believe Media instantly, not to mention Crooked Bob Mueller and his entire band of angry Democrats!


Safari Woman
On the defraud charges, can we please start with Obama and Hildabeast? Heck the entire Demwit party would likely go down. 
  • August 9, 2018
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